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My Perfect Niçoise Salad

Here is another summer salad recipe to jazz things up. 

Fried Chicken & Liege Waffle Sandwich

I'm not quite sure how chicken & waffles gained their claim to fame but oh boy how do people love them.  

Skillet Hash Browns w. The Fixings

Time to make this otherwise simple breakfast into a fiesta!  Is it possible to have margaritas for Sunday brunch instead of mimosas?

Baked Zucchini Fries

Yesterday I was watching The Chew, a culinary talk show, and was inspired by one of their featured recipes, these Italian style baked zucchini fries.  The recipe was fairly simple, and I had all of the ingredients for the fries part, but near none for the sauce. 

Z Garden (Santa Monica)

I could gab on and on about how juicy the chicken was, or how amazing it tasted to mix the creamy hummus with the pilaf style rice, but then I'd just be bragging...

Il Piccolo Verde (Brentwood)

Tucked away in it's own little corner in the popular Brentwood Village, Il Piccolo Verde is a crowd pleasing neighborhood Italian joint.

In The Kitchen With: Jessica Riley Jones

The LA based accessory designer steps into the C.I. kitchen to learn how to make my Provençal Chicken Salad...

Rapper Jay Foss: Post Show Hot Wings

Foss is a 22 year old rapper out of Syracuse, NY with a palate that makes the judges panel on Iron Chef look like the comment section on YouTube...

Vintage Backyard Carnival

In theory, going to a carnival entails a day filled of childlike fun with games, Ferris Wheels and lots of yummy fried foods and confections...

The First Dinner Date: The Ins & Outs of Courtship Whilst Dining

So.  You met someone.  You set up a dinner date.  Not just any date-- the first date.  The hard part is over—but the need for strategy remains.  It is not the time to forget about logic.

Faking It in the Kitchen

How to make it look like you're a gourmet chef without having broken a sweat...

How to Host: A Garden Tea Party (High Tea)

It's nice to plan day-tivies with your girlfriends rather than just partying in the evening...


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